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We've taken some of the creative guess work out of designing a noticeable game show shirt for TPIR ($THE PRICE IS RIGHT).
Of course these t-shirts don't guarantee that you'll be called to come on down to ~Contestant's-Row~, but they do indicate to the casting folks that you're enthusiastic and interested about being there. Stan the  contestant producer says he's looking for ENERGY - SINCERITY (contestants that are really truly excited to be there) - and a touch of COMEDY!

Also, if you've got a particularly clever designed shirt, there's a good chance that you'll at least get a bit of camera time when the show airs.
You can't be too cheesy. This is a game show. Game shows ARE meant to be cheesy, and we love them that way. so, Go for the extra cheese!
Bright colors, stand-out text make a bigger impact overall -- at least on the camera man.
If you ever dream about hearing these words COME ON DOWN get yourself, your group together and wear one of our creative custom shirts for the show. After all you could be the next contestant. 
So get your tickets, gather up your ID, go early as there is a selection process prior to taping TPIR. Only 9 contestants are chosen so get noticed, be polite and have a great time wearing one of our shirts.
Some shirts are designed with word blanks so you can indicate locations, events, jobs, anniversary years, names, miles traveled,  causes etc... on them with a permanent/paint marker.

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